The TAXI service have to be fast, but respecting limits, comfortable and without bad surprise !

Our car is of high level, Mercedes, guided by professional driver in a short and long travels, in Italy and in all Europe, with 3 important aspects for me, SERIOUS ELEGANCE AND PROFESSIONALISM.

With TAXI you can entry in all historical centres in Italy,

and the price is clear without deceit, calculated by Taximeter.

Long travels: my working experience long 13 years, saw me to drive around all Italy,

Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France.

My service is 24 hours available, with my Mercedes 9 sits, and by my phone, +39 335 5234282,


The new service is deliver documents and urgent material.

I propose maximum speed of delivery, fastest of a normal express courier.

To travel by TAXI it means remove all logistics problems of train.

I pick up you where you prefer and at the perfect time you decide, so we can arrive at the destination exactly at the time needed.

TAXI is at the moment of the service your transport service and not to others, so you can decide about your trip like you prefer,   to stop in a service area, to go faster or slowly.

If your flight delayed, no problem, you can stay assured because I wait you in the airport without surcharges.   I can inform about time of flight by internet, is easy, at the time of booking I ask you the number of flight.

A foreign traveling with me for vacation or work, have the guarantee to find driver who speak English, so each your questions have answers.

If you need driver you can have many choices, I can’t declare me  the best driver, but I try to satisfy the customer’s needs as much as possible.